Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Introductions all round

Introducing Meg

Meg is a wire haired fox terrier. She is approx 5 years old now - we are unsure of her actual age as Meg was rescued from Appledown Kennels.

Meg is quiet and aloof, a little timid in some situations and a firebrand in others. For the vast majority of the time Meg is very well behaved. This photograph shows Meg in her full winter coat

Introducing Ghyll

Ghyll is a standard Yorkshire Terrier cross Jack Russell. Ghyll is now 14 months old.

Ghyll is a peacemaker but no push over, mischievious and very cheeky. For the most part Ghyll behaves as a typical young male dog - but can be possessive, stubborn and pushy at times.

Introducing Jack

Jack is a Border Terrier cross Parsons Russell Terrier. Jack is now 12 months old.

Jack is a handful to say the least. Affectionate, clever (as we have now discovered) and filled with limitless energy. For the most part Jack is hard work! We 'rescued' Jack 4 months ago from a family that had had him since he was a young pup. He had no training whatsoever, no structure and no boundaries.

I have started this blog as we have had to hold our hands up and say 'we need help', and thankfully we are getting that help from Theo, The Dog Lady.

I will use this blog to keep myself focused on what our family has to do to bring structure, boundaries, peace and harmony to our household. It will also no doubt amuse some, frustrate some and bore the pants of others!

I hope to get lots of input and feedback from readers - some I may digest and learn from, others I may totally ignore. I do not believe a dog should be shouted at, hit or bullied into behaving as we see fit. If you are of this ilk then please don't bother reading.

As Theo has so wisely put it 'this is not about control over your dog, rather than teaching your dog self control'

The past 3 days have been interesting and I shall update my 'diary' with our antics later.

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